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31 May 2016

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We are currently in the world where the concept of having the power of an entire group is viewed as essential in creating changes all over the world.  There are a lot of initiatives that are getting the attention of the world for their sheer presence and numbers.  One known gathering of people would be the Earth Hour, which is participated all over the world.  In the field of meditation, another growing initiative that is starting to catch the interest of the people would be a coordinated Global Meditation.  People believe that they would be able to achieve world peace through these small actions; and what better way to participate with this project than to organize your own group using the Medidate app.


Medidate:  Meditation App to Organize Coordinated Global Meditation


Medidate is the newest Meditation App that allows you to connect with other people who share your same interest with Yoga and other Meditation principles.  It is a perfect Yoga app where you can organize certain events with othersand partake in the Coordinated Global Meditation.


In a study that was conducted last 1974 that is concentrated on different group of people who are meditating every evening or morning for three successive weeks, the scientist were astounded by the data that it produced.  The study was held in three areas, Washington, Holland and Iowa.  Based on the Rand Corporation, during the global meditation, the percentage of global terrorism that resulted to injuries and death has considerably reduced at more than 72%.  This data is viewed as a result of a collective resonance that was made during a unified global meditation. These collective energies are being dispersed everywhere that results to a lower account of terrorism.  This effect has come to known as the “Maharishi Effect”

Maharishi Effect is the synchronized positive movements such as prayers and meditation conducted by a large group of people in order to build a positive energy that will beam through different parts of the globe.  Medidate offers the same type of convenience by connecting through different people who share the same level of interest about Yoga and organize a meditation event.  According to the study, even small group of people who partake in the coordinated Global Meditation can contribute a lot which makes this Yoga App an essential application when organizing Yoga session.


With Medidate, the Meditation App, you can now easily build a connection with other people and create a movement that is designed to contribute to the positive changes in the world.  With this Yoga App, the possibility of forming a coordinated Global meditation is a lot easier compared to the past years.  You just have to install the application, sign up and connect to the people who are into meditation that is near your area.


Medidate is surely designed to create an active community who shares the same interest.

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